There are stances when we have to make tough decisions, consider the patient's evaluation, and make the tough decisions to escort them the right way towards betterment. There is a high possibility that you will need highly experienced professionals to help you accompany the patient.

There is no doubt that travel could be a big hassle. However, it can be made better with the right experts on board. Medical escorts are experienced, vetted, and professional staff that will work with you throughout the travel process. That means using an air ambulance company gives you an advantage, as we will handle all the ground arrangements (if you need an ambulance), book the flight(s), and secure all the equipment and medications you may need. We will communicate with your doctor to get a health report and history to better care for your needs.

The criteria to escort vary according to circumstances, and many things must be considered when planning an impact this big. A medical escort is provided on commercial airlines. The airlines have their own rules and regulations. However, most airlines all over the globe have procedures to provide for medical escorts. The commercial flight is fitted with a stretcher (if required) and a privacy curtain for the patient. Some medical escorts are provided by the airlines; some are self-employed medical professionals with all the qualifications to offer health care to people in need who want to travel.

The service is planned and processed according to the patient. The service is specifically for people with the following conditions and eligible for long-distance escorts.

  • Stroke
  • Dementia
  • Chronic heart or lung conditions
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cancer
  • Mobility issues
  • Any other chronic illness

The medical escort crew has the necessary equipment to provide medical treatment to a patient if needed. Services such as CPR equipment, essential medication, and monitoring units are provided. They offer advice on medical transportation and related requirements – free of cost. They also guide the management and repatriation of someone who fell ill or got injured overseas.

Whether you are traveling by air or by road, there is a possibility that things can get out of hand. This is why taking extra care is an essential aspect of these scenarios. Driving your loved one who needs special aid can be a big task, and they may feel uncomfortable. Taking the non-emergency drive can be convenient and low-cost for plenty of ER rides or a physician. With this vehicle, you can have fewer professionals on board to pay less. A medical escort is a non-urgent medical service provided by commercial airplanes and airlines, by medical escort companies, and sometimes by independent medical escorts that generally work for medical repatriation companies.